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8th Air Fluorescence Workshop, Karlsruhe Germany

12. – 14. September 2011
The Workshop Group

Ultra-high energy cosmic rays are measured using the fluorescence technique by several air shower experiments. For a proper reconstruction of the extensive air shower, the yield of the air fluorescence and its dependence on particle energy and atmospheric parameters have to be known. To push this field forward and expand our knowledge about air fluorescence, this series of workshops was started in 2002.

The main goal of this workshop is to continue the fruitful discussions of the past nine years between scientists performing air fluorescence studies and air shower analyses. The practical benefits of this meeting are the exchange about theoretical aspects as well as on experimental experiences. Driven by the common goal to reduce  uncertainties in the energy calibration of cosmic ray experiments, the workshop is going to support achieving an improved understanding of air fluorescence. Developing an up-to-date fluorescence yield parametrisation that can be used as an experiment-independent standard parametrisation for better comparison of UHECR measurements will be a break through in astroparticle physics.


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