GRK 1694: Elementarteilchenphysik bei höchster Energie und höchster Präzision

Electroweak symmetry breaking in the SM and beyond

  • Typ: KSETA Topical Course
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    Prof. Stefan Pokorski

    University of Warsaw


This lecture series is devoted to the Basic structure of the Standard Model, relevant for ist extensions proposed to solve the hierarchy problem. The following topics are discussed: spontaneous global symmetry breaking, the physics of the Nambu- Goldstone bosons, the Higgs mechanism, Standard Model as a renormalizable but effective theory and radiative corrections to the scalar potential (Coleman-Weinberg one loop formula). Furthermore, equipped with those tools, two main scenarios for BSM physics: supersymmetric models and the Higgs boson as a pseudo-Goldstone boson, are briefly reviewed.