GRK 1694: Elementarteilchenphysik bei höchster Energie und höchster Präzision

Managment in enterprises and industry

  • Typ: KSETA Topical Course
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    Dr. Udo Erdmann

    Fa. Tiber


As a graduated scientist or engineer a next career step within industry will definitely include management responsibilities. Therefore skills in management and leadership will be expected. Planning to open an own business or start up requires knowledge in managing a company as
well. In both cases the needed skills can be divided in three classes: corporate management, project management, technology and innovation management. Based on practical, handy examples the three aforementioned classes will be introduced (2 hours per class). After this one day introduction the doctoral student will have a good overview of what will be expected of her/him outside of science. Additionally to that she/he will be empowered to make a better decision for the next career step based on her/his existing skills. The students will have a better picture of the industrial and business world, and they will get hints which skills of themselves should be more sharpened and which skills should be developed from scratch.