GRK 1694: Elementarteilchenphysik bei höchster Energie und höchster Präzision

What do I need, if I will leave science towards industry?

  • Typ: KSETA Topical Course
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    Dr. Udo Erdmann

    Fa. Tiber


As a graduated scientist or engineer a next career step within industry will definitely include management responsibilities. Therefore skills in management and leadership will be expected. Planning to open an own business or start up requires knowledge in managing a company as well. In both cases the needed skills can be divided in three classes: corporate management, project management, technology and innovation management. This course is focussed on project management and business model evaluation which are part of the first two aforementioned classes. Three examples of possible technological product development projects will be worked on, spanning from the design of the project all the way up to the resource planning. Classical myths and mistakes of product development will be discussed in order to avoid them in real life later on. Before the planning of the project the three project ideas will be checked whether they are fit enough to create revenue. Shortly speaking, the business model of the idea will be tested. Ways to make an idea a business model are worked out throughout the course. For every example one hour is used to check the business model behind an idea, and one more hour to design and plan the product development project based on that business model.