GRK 1694: Elementary Particle Physics at Highest Energy and highest Precision

The long journey to the Higgs Boson and beyond at the LHC

  • type: KSETA Topical Course
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  • lecturer:

    Dr. Peter Jenni

    University of Freiburg


The course gave a short overview of the history of the LHC, its experiments and related physics. The Large Hadron Collider project is a global scientific adventure, combining the accelerator, a worldwide computing grid and the experiments, initiated almost 30 years ago. It is a great privilege and pleasure to present now physics results from the first three years of operation.Introduction to the Standard model and fundamental questions, which are not answered by it and which give the hint to new physics beyond the Standard Model. Description of the technical challenges of the set-up of the LHC and the two large experiments ATLAS and CMS. The analysis of thousands of events measured by both large experiments lead to the announcement of the discovery of the HIGGS boson in 2012.