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Teilchenphysik und Kunst

17.9. - 9.10.2016 – "Cosmic Revelation": kosmische Strahlung als Licht-Kunstobjekt

Cosmic Revelation
Cosmic Revelation
Cosmic Revelation (© imachination projects)

Cosmic revelation is presented in the context of the light art festival "Aufstiege" from 17 September until 09 October 2016 at the SV SparkassenVersicherung headquarter in Stuttgart.

The four stairwells that form the four corners of the SV SparkassenVersicherung headquarters in Stuttgart are lit up in red. Now and then there is a flash of white light. On the roof a bright narrow light beam reaches up to the sky, pointing out that this illumination comes from the earth's atmosphere. Sixteen highly sensitive detectors designed by scientists of KCETA are measuring cosmic radiation in real time. When it penetrates the earth's atmosphere it leaves behind a cascade of invisible particles, which become visible as flashes of light in the stairwells.

The project is both an experiment and a piece of light art. It has arisen from a collaboration between Tim Otto Roth, an artist from the Black Forest region, and astroparticle-physicists at KCETA.

Cosmic Revelation makes this hidden exposition to those cosmic energies not only visible, but above all it is translated into a spatial and bodily experience.

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The four illuminated stairwells and the skybeamer at the SparkassenVersicherung building in Stuttgart.
(© imachination projects)

July 11, 2015 – Art@CMS: Exhibition „Art of Science – Beauty in Creation“ am KIT

f.l.t.r.: Chris Henschke, Dr. Michael Hoch, Lindsay Olson, Dr. Irmgard Langbein, Bree Corn, Bürgermeister Wolfram Jäger, Prof. Johannes Blümer, Prof. Thomas Müller © KIT, Göttisheim
© Michael Hoch

On Friday, 26.6.2015 the exhibition "Art of Science - Beauty in Creation" was opened with a vernissage. After greetings by Prof. Johannes Blümer, Mayor Wolfram Jäger and Prof. Thomas Müller, Dr. Michael Hoch gave an introduction to the exhibition and the art project "art@CMS", of which he is the initiator. Michael Hoch, physicist at CERN and photo artist, wants to initiate a sustainable dialogue between scientists in particle physics, the art world and educational initiatives.

In his own works, Michael Hoch portrays the CMS detector from an artistic perspective with the help of alienated photographs and collages. Besides him, three other artists had travelled to the exhibition and presented their works to the visitors of the vernissage in short lectures: Lindsay Olsen (USA), who uses materials to artistically process the standard model of particle physics; the photographer Bree Corn (Austria), who portrays scientists and captures their scientific statements and dynamics in photographic art; and finally Chris Henschke (Australia), who combines art and science with the help of experimental combinations of digital media.

The exhibition was on display in the foyer of the CFN building (30.25) on Campus South until July 11.

"Art@CMS – a novel way to achieve a sustainable inspiration in public for science"

Michael Hoch
Michael Hoch

On November 12, 2014 scientist, photographer and artist Michael Hoch (CERN) gave a talk on "Art@CMS – a novel way to achieve a sustainable inspiration in public for science".

Michael Hoch was born in Vienna, Austria, where he studied Sports and Physics at the University of Technology and the University of Vienna. During his studies and work as trainer he was concentrating his photographic art work on human movements and architecture. Later coming to Geneva to make his PhD at CERN he started to work on his long-term project, "Where Science Meets Art".