GRK 1694: Elementary Particle Physics at Highest Energy and highest Precision

Vortragsfolien Bad Herrenalb 2018




Dr. David Straub, TU München: B-physics

Prof. Dr. Celine Boehm (Durham): Dark Matter

Dr. Martin Otto (Siemens): Abendvortrag

Prof. Dr. Florian Bernlochner (KIT): tba                    


Vorträge der Kollegiaten


  1. René Caspart (ETP): Search for BSM Higgs bosons in the context of the MSSM in di-tau final states with CMS
  2. Thomas Deppisch (TTP): tba
  3. Moritz Gelb (ETP): B -> l nu gamma
  4. Marco Harrendorf (ETP): tt+bb Analyse
  5. Thomas Keck (ETP): Tagging at Belle II - An instructive talk for non-B physicists
  6. Manuel Klein (ETP): Ion measurements at KATRIN first light
  7. Simon Kudella (ETP): Search for heavy bosonic resonances decaying via vector-like quarks into all-hadronic final states
  8. Radek Podskubka (ITP): tba
  9. Anne Schütz (ETP, ILC-DESY): Background Studies for the International Linear Collider
  10. David Wellmann (TTP): Hadronic Higgs boson decay to order α s 4




Vortragsfolien Bad Liebenzell 2017





Dr. Andreas Höcker, CERN: New results from the LHC 1

                                        New results from the LHC 2      

                                        New results from the LHC 3.1  

                                        New results from the LHC 3.2                                                                                                                                    

Prof. Dr. Stefano Forte, Università die Milano: Parton Distribution Functions    


Prof. Dr. Kostas Kokkotas, Universität Tübingen: Gravitational Waves     

                         Intro-Epilogue 1

                         Intro-Epilogue 2






Vorträge der Kollegiaten


  1. Benedikt Freund (IEKP): Preparing for the Future - Part II: Upgrades of the CMS Pixel Detector
  2. Raphael Friese (IEKP): The Standard Modell Higgs to tau tau measurement at 13 TeV
  3. Simon Kast (ITTP): Top-Flavoured Dark Matter in Dark Minimal Flavour Violation
  4. Genessis Perez (ITP): Effective Field Theory for Vector Boson Scattering at the LHC
  5. Robin Roth (ITP): Anomalous couplings in WZ production beyond NLO QCD
  6. Ivan Shvetsov (IEKP): Search for anomalous couplings in semileptonic WW and WZ decays in the CMS experiment
  7. Christoph Wiegand (ITTP): Medusa: A Tale of two Loops
  8. Alexander Wlotzka (ITP): Light Stop Decays