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Seminare und Kolloquien




Vorträge im GRK - Seminare und Kolloquien


08.06.2017: Nelson Christensen: Gravitational Waves: Past, Present and Future

22.06.2017: Antonio Boveia: Where is Dark Matter at the LHC? 1

                                          Where is Dark Matter at the LHC? 2

29.06.2017: Jeffrey Richman: Searching for Supersymmetry at the LHC 1

                                            Searching for Supersymmetry at the LHC 2

06.07.2017: Mrinal Dasgupta: Theoretical aspects of jet substructure

14.12.2017: Iris Gebauer: What's up with Galactic Cosmic Rays?

25.01.2018: Jens Osterhoff: Plasma-Based Accelerators

21.06.2018: Chris Neu: Top Physics at the LHC

28.06.2018: Matthias Smith: Muon g-2: Implementation and Status

06.12.2018: Christopher Palmer: Observation  of  the  Higgs  boson  decaying  to bottom  quarks  in  CMS

23.05.2019: Roger Wolf: From the analysis of the observed Higgs coupling structure to the search for more Higgs bosons -- Higgs boson analyses at the LHC in the di-tau final state