GRK 1694: Elementary Particle Physics at Highest Energy and highest Precision

Vortragsfolien Bad Liebenzell 2013


Vorlesungen und Abendvorträge

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bartelmann, Universität Heidelberg: Strukturbildung, Dunkle Materie und Dunkle Energie  

Prof. Dr. Chiara Mariotti, CERN: Higgs Physics

Prof. Dr. Peter Wölfle, KIT: The exotic world of quantum matter: spontaneous symmetry breaking and beyond

Prof. Dr. Heinz Kalt, KIT: Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis


Vorträge der Kollegiaten

  1.  Robert Eber (EKP): "CMS Phase II Silicon Sensor Upgrade"
  2.  Nancy Wandkowsky (IK): "Electrons in the KATRIN main spectrometer - both a blessing and a curse"
  3.  Ken Arnold (TP): "Automated NLO matching"
  4.  Michael Prim (EKP): "Angular analysis of B -> ϕ (K π)*0 at Belle"
  5.  Fabrizio Sorba (TP): "Spacetime foam and modified dispersion relations"
  6.  Christian Barth (EKP): "Evolution of Silicon Sensor Characteristics of the CMS Strip Tracker"
  7.  Thomas Hermann (TTP): "BR(B -> Xs gamma) in 2HDMs to NNLO"
  8.  Conny Beskidt (EKP): "Constraints on Supersymmetry using the latest data from cosmology, DM searches and LHC"
  9.  Markus Hötzel (IK): "Simulation and analysis of source related effects for KATRIN"
  10.  Wolfgang Hollik (TTP): "SUSY models of neutrino masses and mixings: the left-right connection"
  11.  Steffen Röcker (EKP): "Measurement of the single top t-channel cross section at CMS"
  12.  Christian Röhr (TP): "Colour Reconnection in the Herwig++ Event Generator"