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HEiKA Symposium am 8.6.2018Radio telescope LOFAR looks deep into lightning (April 2019)

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HEiKA Symposium am 8.6.2018

Kosmische Strahlung - Oh my God: Jagd auf mysteriöse Teilchen

Sie kommen aus dem Weltall, sind fast so schnell wie das Licht und haben eine enorme Energie. Ihre Quelle? Unbekannt. Die Forscher nennen sie: Oh-my-God-Teilchen.     

Bericht auf der Webseite der "heute"-Redaktion (deutsch)

HEiKA Symposium am 8.6.2018How much does a neutrino weigh? The KATRIN Experiment at KIT (2018)

The video shows how the international collaboration of 140 scientists and engineers intends to determine the neutrino mass with the KATRIN experiment. Discussions with scientists will show why the neutrino mass, which has been sought for more than 80 years, is so important for fundamental questions in physics.         

English Version    German Version

HEiKA Symposium am 8.6.2018Inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider (Dezember 2018)

Beneath the fields of Switzerland and France lies the largest machine ever built. Tour the Large Hadron Collider in virtual reality. In this 360-degree video, step inside the largest machine ever built.

Experience the Large Hadron Collider in virtual reality
(Website of The New York Times, by Dennis Overbye, Evan Grothjan and Jonathan Corum)